Purevision 5kW Wide Inset HD Stove in Wave Surround

Purevision 5kW Wide Inset HD Stove in Wave Surround

Purevison 5kW Wide Freestanding stove on Log Store

Purevison 5kW Wide Freestanding stove on Log Store

Purevision 8.5kW Freestanding HD Stove

Purevision 8.5kW Freestanding HD Stove

Charlton & Jenrick Ltd have now added a complete new range of high specification multi fuel stoves to the Fireline stove portfolio. Known as the Purevision™ range, it comprises six models, three freestanding and three inset with stand and log store options available for the freestanding versions and three or four sided trims for the insets. The models are sized as 5kW standard, 5kW Wide and 8.5kW nominal output and contain technologically advanced patent pending design features resulting in super-clean burning performance and high efficiency of up to 82.2%.

The company’s design team have incorporated a unique air control and tertiary air profiling system to produce this outstanding technical performance and describe the flame picture as High Definition when compared with a standard stove. Emissions meet EU leading DIN+ levels and already achieve current emission and efficiency proposals for 2018 European Eco-Design standards which are far tougher than current mandatory norms. DEFRA exemption was a formality with test results up to 97% below permitted levels of visible smoke. To achieve this performance consistently a very easy to use single cool operating lever is provided to control all air distribution and also handle the changeover from wood to smokeless coal fuel types.

Design parameters have been re-set to produce a large glass panel for fire viewing framed by a substantial yet elegantly curved cast iron door, the aesthetics of which blend seamlessly with traditional or modern rooms and fireplaces. The large glass panel is kept clean by way of the extremely powerful airwash system. The high quality graphite grey paint finish is also as versatile as it is practical. Continuously seam welded heavy duty steel bodies are wrapped with a strong convector casing and a heavy 8mm floating top plate on both freestanding and inset versions to augment the overall appearance of the stoves. As an alternative look the freestanding stoves can be mounted on leg stands or taller log stores for ease of use and convenience.

Only premium materials are used throughout the appliances including a new cast ceramic firebox liner set having been hard tooled specifically for each of the stoves. This material has to be superbly tough and self cleaning in service yet able to be cast into intricate detail for the patent applied for tertiary air profiling. Stainless steel is used for the convenient laser etched single control lever and generously proportioned door handle. Self closing door latches secure the door closed and take up any adjustments required automatically.

A simple, effective and flexible outside air kit is available to connect with an air plenum chamber from the rear or base of the stove to provide all combustion air from the exterior of the dwelling. This has recently been tested for operational effectiveness during a HETAS led research project.

As expected with a premium product, several branded accessories accompany the stove. These include a heavy stainless steel operating tool and laser profiled branded stand, a branded pair of heavy duty stove gauntlets and a branded quality tool set for future servicing or adjustments.

Pure Vision HD, the worlds first High Definition stoves

Fireline FX5 Wide. A 5kw stove in a 8kw body for those who want a larger  stove but can only have 5kilowatts !!!                  

Dimensions (W x H x D)                   

440 x  583 x 325mm


74 Kg




Top & rear

Flue diameter

127mm 5"

**with optional solid fuel kit fitted

The FX5W & FP5W give the large looks of the 8KW wide screen stove but maintaining the nominal heat output at 5KW, taking a 14.5" log.  this is acheived by a subtle reduction in depth of the grate area whilst the over-all 500mm width of the stove is the same as the larger 8 KW model. this means that a full 375mm log can be accommodated on the standard multi fuel capable grate which incorporates a rotary riddle mechanism using well proven principles. With a firebox lined with compressed vermiculite insulating board the fireline's own patent pending firebox air supply technology means that clean burning was assured from the beginning-CE and DEFRA compliance were a firmality. 79% efficiency ensures top levels of fuel economy and highlt effective, proven Fireline airwash system gives fabulous views of the fire through the large glass panel.

  • Defra approved

  • Solid fuel or wood

  • Tertiary Air system

  • Stainless steel ashpan

  • 5mm & 8mm steel

  • Adjustable level screws

  • 7 year warranty

  • Free delivery

Fireline FP5 Wide, Same specifications as the FX5 wide with a square door for the contemporary look !!

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