Ekol Crystal 5

 The ‘Crystal’ range share the same clean-burn technology as the ‘Clarity’ stoves.

 All Ekol Crystal stoves are hand made with traditional solid cast iron construction in the same way stoves have

been made for the last 200 years, but using the latest technological advances in the firebox and airflow design.

 The result is a truly advanced stove which is highly efficient, ultra cleanburning, simple to operate, with robust

durable construction throughout and no delicate parts to go wrong.

 Available in 5, 8 and 12 kilowatt sizes, and as with all Ekol stoves each model has a broad range of efficient operating outputs.

 The Crystal 5 model, is along with the Clarity 5, one of the few stoves in the UK capable of being installed into

a standard 16” wide fireplace opening.



Ekol Crystal5


Ekol Crystal8




Ekol Inset 5

Ekol Clarity 5kW Stove


The Ultra-Cleanburning Technology of Ekol stoves which achieves DEFRA Exempt status also makes for an

easy to use, highly efficient stove with a unique flame pattern that is simply mesmerising.

Less ash is produced, the glass window stays amazingly clear and less cleaning of the stove and chimney is

required. The result is a much improved experience taking the effort out of woodburning.

The Clarity range are a State-Of-the Art Hybrid stove, using the ultimate combination of heavy cast iron inner

components along with dense refractory firebrick linings and precision engineered outer steel shell up to

10mm thick.

Available in low and high bodied versions, all are designed with large window for maximum views of the fire.




Ekol Clarity 8kW Stove


Ekol Clarity 12 Stove


Ekol Clarity Double-Sided

 Introducing the first double sided stove ever to pass the stringent legal testing required for smoke control areas

(DEFRA Exemption/Approval).


Many experienced manufacturers have attempted this without success.


Ekol’s Advanced Combustion Research Facility enabled the Clarity double sided to achieve this though, and is

in fact many times cleaner than the required standard.


Sit back and watch through large crystal-clear windows both sides. Bridge two rooms through a central chimney

or place anywhere in your room for a stunning centre-piece.




Ekol Clarity 20 Boiler


Ekol Clarity 30 Boiler


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