Polyfloral Acacia Honey is the most popular and searched honey in the world and demand is prevalent. 

This particular honey has nutritional and many medicinal qualities because it is collected from various field and mountain flowering plants which have medicinal and nutritional properties. 

The BORMALIISKI Farm dates back to 1942 when Boris Borisov started to bee keep. 

The farm has two apiaries with a total total of 60 colonies located in the foot of the mountains above the town of Hissar where the air is clean and the climate is perfect and organically fertile in order to produce the worlds best Acacia honey. 

The farm is run by Boris BORMALIISKIS grandson and has more 
than 600 colonies. 

The main activity of the farm is the production of natural bee products - honey, beeswax, bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly, Geometer. 

Specialised mobile beekeeping during the season allows them to transport some hives throughout the counties of Hissar, Karlovo, Kaloyanovo and throughout the main hive compound. 

Swarms are placed mainly in acacia, lime, sunflower and meadow pastures in alternate years and the honey is polllonated with coriander, lavender and mildew. 

Poly-floral Organic Acacia Honey, 25kg tubs, 311kg tubs 

Organoleptic characteristics: 

-mildly intensive colour, strong aroma, with high sweetness. 

Organoleptic Indicators: 

-Colour – light yellow to brownish-red 

-Аroma – pleasant 

-Taste – sweet 

CN number 0409/,20 

Complete with Government laboratory analysis certification 

Free delivery on all orders to the whole of EuropePchelooprashvaneto is an important link in the technology of growing entomophilic cultures helps to increase yields, improve quality of fruits and seeds and increasing the vitality of generations of plants.

Moreover entimofilnite pollinating plants, honeybees ekelegichnoto maintain balance and protecting the environment, preserving biodiversity in flora and fauna. 

Studies show that all of the insects involved in pollination of most plants, honeybee falls from 85 to 98% of pollinator activity, i.e. it is a major pollinators. A yield of pollinated crops rises to 40%.

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